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What are the dates for In The Sun 2019?

The week starts on Tuesday the 25th of June at 9pm and the last set of the week finishes on Tuesday 2nd of July at 5am.

What's the location of Innovation In The Sun?

The main evening events, boat parties, and coach pickups for Innovation In The Sun are based around the main strip in Lloret De Mar and our resident venue for the week, Colossos. So when booking your hotel yourself it’s best to choose one as close to the venue as possible to this address:


Being a tourist hotspot hotels located along the main strip vary, the cheaper hotels can be quite noisy and lively!

How old do I need to be to attend this event?

You can be 17 years old provided that another person in your group is 18+ years old. Under 18’s are not allowed to attend on their own or be served or consume alcohol at any of the events.

What ticket types are available?

We have a selection of ticket types available for Innovation In The Sun to suit your summer raving needs! Here’s the breakdown:

7 Night Rave Pass + Waterpark
This gets you access to all 7 nights at Innovation In The Sun including the Castle Rave on Wednesday night. The Waterpark Party, UV Paint and Foam Party, and MC Competition are also included with this ticket. Book Now

7 Night Rave Pass
This gets you access to all 7 nights at Innovation In The Sun including the Castle Rave on Wednesday night. The UV Paint and Foam Party, and MC Competition are also included with this ticket. Book Now

5 Night Rave Pass
This gets you access to any 5 consecutive nights at Innovation In The Sun. You also get access to The Castle Rave, UV Paint and Foam Party, and MC Competition.. but of course you will need to be in resort at the time to attend! Book Now

3 Night Rave Pass
This gets you access to any 3 consecutive nights at Innovation In The Sun. You also get access to The Castle Rave, UV Paint and Foam Party, and MC Competition.. but of course you will need to be in resort at the time to attend! Book Now

Hotel + Ticket Packages
With our packages you can choose the number of days, and your level of hotel accommodation. You also get access to The Castle Rave, UV Paint and Foam Party, and MC Competition.. but again you will need to be in resort at the time to attend! Book Now

Please note; Our special events are sold separately and go on sale on the 2nd of April. These include the boat parties, the waterpark party, the foam pool party, and the beach fiesta.

How do I collect my wristband?

Full info on the check in procedure will be emailed to all group leaders 1 week prior to the event.

Are there any discounts or special offers available?

Yes, you can save money by booking our 7 Day Rave Pass + Waterpark tickets. We also have flash sales on tickets, keep an eye on our social posts for info (Facebook and Instagram)

How do I book?

You can book online at:

Can I work at Innovation In The Sun?

We have a dedicated events team that go out each year for Innovation In The Sun so we have most job roles covered, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to join our team then drop us a message via our careers page here and we’ll see if you fit the bill!


When can we find out where we are staying?

Hotel details will be sent to you via email, 2 weeks prior to the event.

When is the final payment date for hotel packages?

Full payment for packages must be received by 11th May 2019.

How many people do you need to book the hotel package?

The minimum number of people per booking is 2 persons.

What is the accommodation like?

You can request 2, 3 or 4 star hotel. All rooms have en suite washing facilities for 2 persons (3 persons if the group is of an uneven number.)

Can a certain hotel be requested?

Yes you can but we can’t guarantee that it will be possible to place you there.

Can the length of the stay be extended/can we arrive earlier?

Extra nights can be added to the length of your stay between 15 June and 30 June 2018, the cost is £32 per person per night for bronze and silver packages and £45 per person per night for gold packages.

Our group will be arriving at separate times, will this be a problem?

As per the terms and conditions you must check in to the hotel together as we cannot guarantee that the hotel will hold the remaining rooms.

Do we have to pay a deposit to the hotel?

Yes a damage deposit of 50€ will be required from each person in the group. This is refunded provided no damage is inflicted on the room or hotel.

Are there any additional taxes I should be aware of?

Since 1st November 2012 a new Catalonia touristic tax was imposed. All occupants must pay this tax, in person, directly to the hotel when they arrive. The charge is 0.75€ for 4*Hotels and 0.50€ for 3* & 2* Hotels. The rate is calculated per person per night up to a maximum of 7 nights.

Can I book a 5 night hotel package?

You can book 5 nights in the hotel by booking a 3 night package & adding extra days. Be aware only the base package dates include club entry, any extra days you will need to buy the extra club entry on the door.

Is there a safe in the room?

All rooms have safes in them or safety deposit boxes at reception. Costs for these vary depending on the hotel.

What is included in the accommodation?

The period that you have requested plus breakfast and dinner. If you book and pay in full for the silver or gold package prior to 1st April 2018, then the waterpark event is also included subject to an in resort charge of 15€ which covers transport to and from the show.

I have booked a hotel package, can I add more people to the package?

To add one person the group leader will please need to email us with the name, address & date of birth of the person to be added to the booking, Also include your booking ref so we know which booking to add them to. For two or more people please create a new booking and email us and we will link the bookings.

How many people will share a room from my group?

Group bookings of an even number will be allocated 2 persons per room. Group bookings of an uneven number will result in one of your rooms being allocated to 3 persons.

Can the accommodation be upgraded?

The accommodation can be upgraded to 4 star at an extra cost of £13 per person per night. Please note that this is of limited availability.

How much is the deposit to secure a full package place?

The deposit is £75 per person. Any extras (such as extra nights, transfers and upgrade) must be paid at the time of booking. Final payment date is 11th May 2018.

What is the maximum number of people per group?

The maximum number of people per booking is 8. Should your group be larger than 8 then please make additional bookings with new group leaders, and request by email for bookings to be linked.

** please note that we cannot guarantee linked booking hotel placement however we will do our best honour requests **

I got a Gold/Silver hotel package before April 1st, how do I get my free waterpark ticket?

If you paid in full for a Gold or Silver package before the 1st of April you will automatically get access to the waterpark and be given a waterpark wristband when you check in at the event. You will not require an additional waterpark ticket.

How much do tickets cost?

Keep an eye on our social feeds for flash sales, earlybird prices, and special offers.

7 Night Rave Pass + Waterpark = £268.70
7 Night Rave Pass = £206.00
5 Night Rave Pass = £155.00
3 Night Rave Pass = £115

All ticket links are available here: innointhesun.com/#tickets

When do the daytime special event tickets go on sale?

All daytime events will go on sale first to the people that have paid in full for club or package options by 9am on 2nd April 2019 via secret link that will be emailed. On 10th April 2019 tickets go on general sale, so grab your Innovation In The Sun main event tickets today to find out first!

How can I download the ticket(s) I purchased?

Rave Passes and Special Event Tickets (not hotel packages)
When you purchase a ticket through our website you will be sent two emails, one to confirm your purchase and another with the ticket download links, if you can’t see the emails please check your Junk Folder. Alternatively you can download your tickets direct from your Innovation account by logging in here using the username or email address you chose:

If you need any help downloading your tickets you can follow these instructions:

How do I get access to the Castle Rave?

The rave in the Spanish castle takes place on Wednesday night, as long as you’re in resort Wednesday and have tickets for the main night time events at Innovation you’ll be able to attend the castle rave, no additional tickets are required. Just be outside Colossos from 9:30pm to catch a coach direct to the castle.

Can I pay a deposit for my ticket?

Hotel packages can be paid in instalments, Club Only Tickets need to be paid in full at time of purchase.

What it the cut off date for Special Event Tickets and Rave Passes?

Rave passes and special event tickets must be purchased by the cut off date; 18th June 2019. Although chances are they will sell out before that!

If I book a 3 or 5 day ticket how do I choose the days I attend?

You can pick either 3 or 5 consecutive nights you want to attend anytime between the start and end of the event.

Please note that with the 3 and 5 day passes you get free access to the Foam and UV Paint Party on the 30th, and the MC Competition and Castle Rave on the 26th, but of course you must be in the resort those days to attend!

Can we be transferred to/from the airport?

Yes, we can transfer you, however this is at an additional cost. For Barcelona (BCN) airport the cost is £19 per person each way and for Girona (GRO) airport the cost is £14 per person each way.

** Please note that we can only transfer you if we receive your flight details before 11th may 2018. Failure to supply the details will result in no transfer and no refund will be given **

What dates can you transfer on?

Any arrival or departure date that can be booked across the dates of the event.

What dates are transfers available to and from the resort through Innovation?

Transfers are available from Saturday 22nd the of June until Saturday the 6th of July 2019.

How does the transfer work?

Once you have paid for the transfers and supplied flight details you will be added to the transfer company log for each direction of transfer paid. When you arrive at the Spanish airport look out for the ‘From 2 Travel’ rep. You will need to show your passport to the coach security guards and be checked off on their list. The same procedures will be adopted on your return. Return transfer times will be displayed at Colossos, please ask at Colossos reception or merchandise stall if you can’t see them.

Please note; if you have purchased a club only ticket plus a transfer then the drop off and collection point will be the bus stop at Hotel Helios (opposite Colossos).
Please note: Innovation only collects money / information on behalf of the transfer company. Innovation is not responsible for the transfer co-ordination

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